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Personal Diving Trips


just you and me, as your personal instructor and buddy,
I show you my secret dive sites.



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Olliver  von Salzen, 55 from Cologne, Germany

55 from Cologne, Germany

13.Juli - 09.August 2021
in Phuket during the "Sanboxproject"

“I have not dived for five years and Jürgen took away my insecurity, independently Covid19,
he made everything possible and I had wonderful dives in Racha Noi and from a longtail boat on a PD dive tour to Aonang and Kho Hong, unforgettable!”​

PD - Personal Diving Tour Krabi Kho Hong, August 2021

I had wanted a trip to Aonang and Krabi because I had come to love Aoanag many years ago and wanted to see if much had changed. I wanted to combine the tour with some dives at Kho Hong and Landing Island.

Jürgen had organised the tour for two days and booked what I thought was a wonderful hotel right on the beach at Aonang. At my request, we started relaxed from Phuket at noon and arrived at the Phra Nang Inn hotel in the afternoon after an extensive break at a great street food restaurant in Aonang. I took a leisurely look at my beloved Aonang and Jürgen recommended one of the most beautiful restaurants in Krabi for dinner, the "RIVER", which was uniquely situated on the Krabi River, where we had an excellent meal. 

For the next day, Jürgen had chartered a large logtail boat and prepared everything for our tour and dives. Early at 9am we took our private longtail boat first towards Kho Hong, I had a look at the island, which I had all to myself, which would never be the case otherwise. Real Robinson Crusoe feeling! Afterwards we did two wonderful dives off Kho Hong from the boat, the first with a depth of 30m and the second off the cliffs of Kho Hong. An unforgettable experience, as divers rarely come here, this spot is still almost untouched. 

Afterwards we drove to "Landing Island" and did a dive from the beach, crystal clear water and a wonderful view. We arrived back in Aonang around late afternoon. I wanted to spend another night in Aonang and drive back the next day without stress and explore the surroundings. We ate extensively right by the sea in an excellent seafood restaurant. 

The next day we drove back leisurely, Jürgen showed me a few special sights like the "Tiger Cave Temple" and even saw free-living elephants, which I could approach to within a few metres. After we had taken a break at the great street food restaurant at my request, we went back to Phuket via the checkpoint.

It was an incredible trip with unforgettable pictures and impressions that Jürgen organised for me and according to my wishes, thank you Jürgen!"

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vary depending on your wishes and the season!

This 2 and a half day trip to Aonang & Krabi, including all transportation, hotel, equipment, entrance to the nature reserve and chartered boat cost

18,500 THB
excluding all meals and drinks.

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